• SG-Airpack
  • SG-Airpack

The Rubber Mounts SG are rubber-metal vibration absorbers, es- pecially indicated for supporting machinery elastically, protecting the environment against the transmission of vibrations, impacts and struc- tural noise.

The SG series provides excellent insulation at medium and high frequencies (1500 rpm and above). 

The Rubber Mounts are supplied individually or in pack of 4 called Airpack.

Airpack 40 and 70 include : 4 rubber mounts, 8 nuts zinc coated, 4 washers zinc coated.

SG80 and SG90 are supplied in individual pack: 1 rubber piece, 1 threaded rod, 2 nuts and 1 washer.

  • Rubber mounts for all type of machinery
  • Manufactured in NR (natural rubber) 55° Sh A.
  • Available separately or in pack (with washers and nuts)
  • Maximum load : from 70 to 800 kg


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