• VRD

The VRD self-drilling screw is designed to assemble 2 metal sheets in one single operation. It can drill into a combined total thickness of 1,9mm. The VRD screw has a square recess. Thanks to its drill point, no need to punch a hole or drill beforehand.

This screw is specially designed to minimize air leakage at drill point : the diameter of the drill is designed so that the drill of the screw does not exceed the diameter of the screw’s shank. The threaded shank will then perfectly fit into the hole.

Thanks to this reduced drill, the VRD assures a better air tightness.

  • Hardened carbon steel, zinc plated
  • Pan head with square recess
  • Reduced drill bit
  • Serration under the head for a better grip
  • Manufactured according to DIN 7504
  • Bit supplied in each box 


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